Salzburg: Hohensalzburg Fortress — We Travel Happy

The fortress was built in the 11th century mainly as a show of political and religious power of the Catholic Church.   Salzburg at that time was a state independent from Vienna and Bavaria and ruled by prince-archbishops (I think of them as hybrid king and pope, although not quite as powerful as either one).

The fortress was intended to protect the prince-archbishops’ interests although they did not really spend much of their time there but at their quarters at the Residenz.  The fortress was also never attacked and was wisely surrendered during the Napoleonic War in the 1800s.  It has become Salzburg’s emblem and is one of the best-preserved and one of the largest medieval castles in Europe…

Enjoy the pictures and video clips below, some juicy trivia and a few tips from our family. 🙂

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