The ultimate locals guide to Polignano al Mare — REIGN

The scent of warm fig trees, the salty breeze, golden limestone at sunset, Polignano is hard to put into words, it’s a state of mind.

It was my first time in ‘Sud Italia’, after living in Milan for more than 12 years it was well and truly time to explore real Italy. We weren’t really drawn to Apulia for any particular reason we just happened to find great flights to Bari and decided fairly last minute to go, after researching a few towns and airbnb (as seasoned airbnb addicts our travel research usually starts in reverse, finding great airbnb first and then researching the surrounding area and transport), Polignano al Mare just looked insanely beautiful. Even though we worried about it being very touristic and overcrowded we decided to go and I’m so glad we did!

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