#Travel Itinerary Part 6 – Things to Do — RichSimmonds

We travel to learn new things, and in doing so we learn a lot about ourselves and our travelling companions. The question is often what can we do when we arrive at our destination, or when we are there what else is in the area? This article will help you find things to do and hopefully stretch your imagination to new possibilities, making your travel an even bigger adventure.

Search – Things to Do

The easiest is to do a search where you type in: Things to do in and around (your destination). This will produce hours of reading and allow you to research everything from the Top 10 things of everything you can imagine or at least everything popular and yet at the same time, they will try to trap you into tours and excursions, taking you to all the obvious places and the places that have advertised the most.

I will concentrate on how you can find new things and the not so obvious, or even the obvious with a few tips to save you time and money.

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