Fred Olsen to offer guests a Whale of a time — Cruise Waves

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has teamed up with marine wildlife charity ORCA for an inaugural Iceland sailing on Boudicca in Summer 2019, as part of a new partnership to monitor whale and dolphin numbers and to help to conserve and protect the seas as a safe environment in which these species can live and thrive.

ORCA will have two volunteer wildlife experts on board Boudicca, when the 880-guest ship sets sail on the 13-night ‘Icelandic Wonders & Wildlife’ cruise in June 2019. These volunteers will spend up to 16 hours a day out on deck during sea days, to help Fred. Olsen guests to spot and identify animals and to record vital data about the marine wildlife that they see.

In addition, the ORCA volunteers will be holding lectures and Q&A sessions on board, giving guests the opportunity to ask questions about any wildlife that they may have seen whilst on board, and on excursions whilst in port. The ORCA team will also be accompanying a ‘whale-watching’ tour with guests.

Thomas Rennesland, Hotel Operations Director at Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, said: “We know that our guests love sitting out on deck, in the hope of spotting marine whales, dolphins, and many other marine mammals and fish, and our nature-spotting excursions are always popular. To have the ORCA volunteers on board with us, sharing their vast knowledge and insight, is something that we know that our guests will love.

“As a cruise line, we make our livelihood out of the sea, so it is so vital that we do all that we can to help to protect the wildlife that lives within it. We are extremely pleased to be able to support ORCA in their important research in this way.”

Anna Bunney, Education Coordinator for ORCA, said: “The entire ORCA team are delighted to be embarking on this exciting new journey with Fred. Olsen, working in partnership to help keep whales and dolphins safe. Itineraries like ‘Icelandic Wonders & Wildlife’ give us the opportunity to study these iconic animals and learn more about their lives, so that we can help create safe spaces for them to live in.

“This itinerary is an incredible opportunity to see some of the most charismatic animals in the ocean, and we can’t wait to show guests aboard Boudicca the amazing marine wildlife seen in this part of the world.”

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Cape Town Beach (South-Africa) Vacation Travel Video Guide — Incentive Travel

2.449 Hotels in Cape Town – Lowest Price Guarantee ▻ Travel video about destination Cape Town Beach in South-Africa. During the … source

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The ultimate locals guide to Polignano al Mare — REIGN

The scent of warm fig trees, the salty breeze, golden limestone at sunset, Polignano is hard to put into words, it’s a state of mind.

It was my first time in ‘Sud Italia’, after living in Milan for more than 12 years it was well and truly time to explore real Italy. We weren’t really drawn to Apulia for any particular reason we just happened to find great flights to Bari and decided fairly last minute to go, after researching a few towns and airbnb (as seasoned airbnb addicts our travel research usually starts in reverse, finding great airbnb first and then researching the surrounding area and transport), Polignano al Mare just looked insanely beautiful. Even though we worried about it being very touristic and overcrowded we decided to go and I’m so glad we did!

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Hotel Review: The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta — travelux

The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta is a luxury hotel in the culturally interesting second largest city on Java in Indonesia. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why I really like the hotel with a historic touch!

Prices in Yogyakarta are incredibly low to a level that is really hard to believe. Even a luxury hotel like the Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta can be had for less than 50 Euro per night, which is … crazy.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Legacy Pool View Room
  • Month of Stay: May

I had booked a Legacy Room and was upgraded to a Legacy Pool View Room thanks to my Le Club Accor Gold Status. The property is located a bit outside of the historic city center, but you can make it there in a few minutes with a car.

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How to Plan Your Travel Budget + Free Worksheet — round trip

For better or for worse, there is no one size fits all for travel budgets. If two different friends came to me and asked for helping on planning a trip to Prague, these budgets wouldn’t look the same, even if they had the same amount of money to spend.

That’s because we all have different interests and priorities. Money is stressful; I get it. It stresses me out too, but travel is so worth the investment in yourself. People ask me all the time: How are you able to travel so much? And although it’s a complicated question, some of what it comes down to is having generous parents with airplane points. But it also translates to how I travel and how I spend my money while traveling.

When I took a 3-week Europe trip with friends, the cost of the trip was virtually the same for everyone, but each person spent their money very differently. Some people on the trip spent hundreds of dollars going out to bars every night. Some people balled out on fancy meals. Others bought lots of souvenirs. I bought gelato at least once every day in Rome.

I like eating, but personally, that’s not where I want to spend most of my money. I’d rather spend it on experiences like museums or activities. Or when it comes to food, my money is going to dessert and coffee. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your travel mates, but let’s map it out so you have a plan.

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Travel Luxembourg: 9 Places to Eat, Reviewed — Everything Is Hack!

Below, I will offer you a list of all my favourite and least favourite restaurants/coffee shops/pubs I tried while in Luxembourg. I am basing this only on the foods/drinks I tried, the level of service offered at such places and the price point, no other factors. Please note the reviews below pertain only with my […]

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Carnaza Island: Travel Guide With Itinerary, Breakdown Of Expenses And Top Tourist Attractions — The Little Lai: Beyond limits

Truly, summer in the Philippines could be really hot and this is the season that most people would likely be really exciting about. It is when most sun lovers and beach worshippers really waited. Cebu has a lot of white powdery sand beaches along with its shoreline and some are actually making their name famously […]

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